Kailo Clinical Trial Preliminary Results

Interim Results from the IRB-approved PREVENT Study, aimed at evaluating Pain Severity and Pain Interference in patients with mild, moderate, or chronic pain conditions over a period of 30 days using the Kailo Pain-Relieving Patch, showed positive and statistically significant results in patient outcomes, patient satisfaction, and patient preference over oral medications. 

October 26, 2020 by Kailo Labs.

Detailed interim results have been submitted by the Principal Investigator, Jeffrey Gudin, MD for presentation at the 2021 International Conference on Pain Management Drugs and Chronic Pain (ICPMDCP 2021) to be held in Barcelona, Spain and other international pain management scientific meetings and venues. 

Interim data has also been submitted for publication in Practical Pain Management in several leading peer-reviewed Pain Journals. 

Interim results showed:

  • A statistically significant decrease in pain severity and pain interference
  • An increase in quality of life and patient function
  • Patient satisfaction for convenience and ease of use
  • Patient preference over oral medications

Doctor Testimonials

“With the recent apparent resurgence in opioid and other drug abuse, clinicians are demanding effective, safe and non-addictive options for the treatment of acute and chronic pain. Modern science has allowed the incorporation of nanotechnology into topical patch systems, minimizing, and in the case of Kailo, eliminating the need for drugs/pharmacological agents. The interim results of the PREVENT Study look very promising and we look forward to continuing to collect data from those patients with mild, moderate, or chronic pain.”

Jeffrey Gudin MD, Principal Investigator

“The interim results from the PREVENT IRB-approved study demonstrated that patients who used the Kailo Pain-Relieving Patch over a period of 30 days showed a vast reduction of their pain severity levels. They experienced a better quality of life, improved function, were very satisfied with the Kailo Pain Relieving Patch, and preferred the patch over oral pain medications. With the increased focus on identifying alternative multi-modal therapies for patients in pain that clinicians and consumers can turn to, the use and ongoing research of novel approaches, including the non-drug, and nanotechnology-based Kailo patch, seems to have a very positive effect on patients who are experiencing mild, moderate, and chronic pain. We look forward to reporting on these important data in the coming months.”              


Peter Hurwitz, President, Clarity Science LLC, Clinical Research Organization and Study Administrator

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