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3 Quick and Easy Spring Recipes You'll Love
Abundant greenery is the theme of spring. Bright, fresh foods like green onions, asparagus, peas, strawberries, apricots, spinach, and arugula...
Wrist Exercises for Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief
If you are experiencing weakness, numbness, pain, and tingling in your wrists, you could be undergoing the early stages of...
Kailo at the Oscars
April 22, 2021 by Kailo Labs. HOLLYWOOD CELEBS HELP SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT KAILO! The Kailo team was in Hollywood...
Do This Shoulder Pain Relief Routine Every Day
The ball-and-socket shoulder joint has a lot of mobility and range. It allows us to carry groceries, clean the kitchen,...
How Much Exercise Do You Need?
The perfect amount of exercise is like the holy grail of the health and wellness industry. Every fitness guru and...
Best and Worst Foods for Arthritis Pain Relief
You may be surprised to learn that arthritis pain can be treated, at least in part, by a healthy and...
15 Minute Exercise Routine for Knee Pain Relief
As one of the largest and most complex joints in your body, the knees require many muscles to stabilize and...
Hack Your Water for Better Hydration
If you struggle to consume the recommended 11-15 cups of water per day, you are not alone. As many as...
Title: Acute Pain vs. Chronic Pain: Know the Difference
Pain is part of the human experience. Although some of us may be more familiar with pain than others, we...
MUST-SEE: Kailo Clinical Trials Show Significant Positive Results
The results are in, and they’re incredibly positive. The Kailo Pain Patch works. On January 11, 2021, Pain Relief Technologies...
Easy Exercise Routines You'll Actually Stick To
Most people have started working out several times in our life ( at least once for every new year?), but...
3 New Year’s Resolutions to Fight Chronic Pain
Never are we more aware of the passing of time than on New Year's Eve. Another year fades into the...


Kailo is an innovative, non-transdermal technology that looks and acts like a pain patch.

Kailo is far more than just a business for us, it's changed thousands of lives already. We offer a no-hassle, 100% money-back guarantee. If you feel Kailo isn't working for you within 90 days,​ we'll gladly take it back. Before returning your Kailo, we would love a chance to make sure you've found the correct placement. Over 90% of our customers have found an increase in comfort. Our goal is to help everyone get relief.

The Future of Pain Relief is Now.

Innovative and Licensed Technology.


Spend more time with your loved ones and don't let pain keep you from them.

Clinical Trial Results Just Released

Clinical data shows significant pain reduction fo participants


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The Kailo nanocapacitors work in harmony with your body’s electrical system like a bio antenna.

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